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If you were thinking that planning a wedding is piece of cake, wait and see until you will have to set up the tables. You had no idea how complicated can this particular task be, and how many details need to be taken into consideration. Once you will find yourself completely puzzled by all the problems that rise, you might very well wish for having the help of a wedding table planner.

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What could possibly be so difficult in setting a bunch of tables and chairs? Well, first of all, how do you choose them? If you are having the reception at a restaurant or any other venue, chances are that the furniture pieces will already be there. But if you do it at home, in a tent, outside in the backyard, where do you get so many? You could rent them, but from where, for what costs, which are the conditions, where should you begin from?

Wedding Table Planner (Source:

Wedding Table Planner (Source:

And once you get the furniture, what linens are you going to use for it? What fabrics and, even more important, what colors? You should be buying them, renting them? Is it even possible to rent so many? Is it more affordable to buy fabrics and have a tailor do them for you?

Now supposing you have the fabrics as well, what will you be putting on them? What kind of plates, glasses, centerpieces, flowers, cardholders? How exactly is your wedding table going to look? You have sure browsed tens if not hundreds of related photos, but you just ended up by being even more confused than before.

In addition to all these, even if you have all these settled, your biggest problem is far from ending. Have you thought about how will you be placing your guests? This is probably the most difficult thing for a bride. You do not want to offend anyone, but you also need to bring together people who have what to say to each other. You do not want to put your family on one side and his on the other side, but what if the guests do not really know each other enough to have a pleasant day together on the same table?

Wedding Table Planner (Source:

Wedding Table Planner (Source:

And what about the overall display? How do you put the tables and where is the dance floor going to be? Are there going to be any games or intense activities in the nearby? All these are very important things that, if you do not consider, could make things very complicated.

A wedding table planner can be either a professional or a specialized software to help you better visualize everything…


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