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Searching the perfect wedding planner for your wedding can be a real challenge. Either you look for them on sites, wedding magazines or receive recommendation from friends, a good wedding planner is always hard to find because you never know exactly how you can work with him or her.

The “Wedding Wire” is a wonderful site, where you can find anything you want, related to weddings. Vendors, jewelry, cakes, bouquets, invitations, dresses, flowers, everything you need in order to make your wedding perfect. Not to mention lists of several cities where you can find the people who sell these things. Let’s take for example, Puerto Rico. I am going to give you some the sites of different wedding planners from Puerto Rico, so that you can be convinced that the “Wedding Wire” has it all.

“Eventus by Zahira” is a wedding planning company from Puerto Rico which offers full services (free consultation, day-of coordinator, full planning, partial planning etc.) and will make your dreams come true. Another group of experienced wedding planners are called “Maria A Lugo”. The professionalism and seriousness of this company represents its card and the couples with whom they have worked until now represent its best recommendation. “Chezelle Dezines” is a wedding planning firm owned by Chezelle Rodriguez, who has been in the wedding planning industry for over 10 years and he definitely knows how to make your wedding day perfect. Also, there is “AMR Weddings& Events Coordination”, a wedding planning company which addresses itself to those who are from the southern and western part of Puerto Rico.

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Last but not least, we have “Puerto Rico Wedding Planner”, a company founded by Lisa Rodriguez. Born and raised in New York, Lisa has moved to Puerto Rico a couple of years ago and she says that this is her true home. It is not an unusual thing that Lisa became attracted by Puerto Rico and decided to start a business here. The exotic views and the unique beaches can charm anyone who loves nature.

These are some of the Puerto Rico wedding planners whom I decided to present, because they seemed very qualified and eager to meet new clients. Collaborating with wedding planners in the preparation of your big event is a recommended action if you want to succeed. There are plenty examples of famous wedding planners like David Tutera, Gina Sole, Donnie Brown, Anna Cruz or Diann Valentine who have proved that wedding planners are more and more useful in a bride’s life. And not only useful but actually necessary, because if we stop to think about it, if these wedding planners wouldn’t have been so successful and good at what they do, their businesses would have disappeared.

Always keep in mind that  a little help from someone doesn’t make us weak, but it makes us more powerful and why not smarter. It is normal to want to do them all but it is impossible to succeed. We may be wonder-women or supermen sometimes but we shouldn’t risk our health in order to prove that we can manage without any help. So if you want a perfect wedding, call a wedding planner. You won’t be sorry!


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