Wedding Planner Contracts

After you have decided as a wedding couple that you need the service of a wedding planner it naturally follows a consultation where the outlines of a wedding planner contract are defined.  During the consultation that should last approximately one hour are discussed several aspects of the event to come; according to these aspects the contract is shaped with the decisive terms that have to be treated with equal considerations by both of the parts.

You should be aware that the contract covers all your needs and also the ones you haven’t thought of, as the wedding coordinators have to be one step ahead of your expectations. Their services have to start from the very elementary notions that covers a wedding event, such as catering, dress designing, photographing, music, entertainment, accessories, floral decorations, venues, champagne and wine supplying, and reach the boundaries of the creative imagination to ensure you with lots of options to chose among.

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wedding-planner-contractsYou have to be very careful while drawing up the contract because once you  sign it has to be counted as the guidance for all the preparations to be made in order to meet your needs and desires.

As any other contract, the wedding planner contract should consist of the following terms:

-         event date reservation – which should state about the date of the event that takes place on “definite” basis

-         guarantee and initial payment – in which is stipulated the amount of money deposited in advance as a guarantee money

-         terms of cancellation – which should state the circumstances in which the contract is desired to be cancelled; it should also determine, if possible, the damages in the event of a cancellation and not without a written notice

-         payment in advance – that is recognized in that of an existing budget that should cover 4 hours minimum required to get a service package

-         types of payment – it is described the forms of payment to be accepted

-         balance due – should mention the final balance and full payment of the contract

-         obligations – when is the obligation of the wedding planner ending and the status of his services by the completion of the contract

Sealing a contract the wedding planner should be perceived as a mediator, a consultant, an organizer, an artist and a financial adviser.

The wedding planner contracts should reflect the fact that wedding planning is run more like a business and less like a hobby and be ready to offer the services at their highest levels of professionalism. Because a job well done can only get new customers, thus making the business goes successfully and profitably!11

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