Planning A 25th Wedding Anniversary And Renewal Of Vows

Planning a 25th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows puts emphasis on two aspects: the true love between a man and a woman who have managed to stay together for 25 years and the testimony of their commitment through the renewal of the vows, which symbolizes that fact that they also want to spent the rest of their live as a couple.

Even if planning a 25th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows is not as laborious as the wedding ceremony, you can still maintain the romanticism and entertainment at your wedding anniversary party. For the theme of the wedding anniversary you can decide on a retro party or something that reminds the couple of the year they got married in. You can use food, attire or music from that particular decade, or if you want a more formal wedding, you can create the setting using silver. Silver is the main symbol of a 25th anniversary and it represents elegance and grace, so you will definitely succeed.

In what concerns the food, this shouldn’t be too elaborate. Remember that you have already had a wedding, so you are not bound to create the same course and the sit-down dinner. Choose something light and healthy, maybe some vegetables or hummus, fruit and natural drinks. Don’t neglect spoiling your guests with something sweet. You can choose for example, having a cupcake bar where your guests can create their own little cupcakes with icing and decorations. They will never see this coming!

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With all this healthy food, don’t forget to entertain your guests. Hiring a good DJ is the first step you need to take. You can ask several DJs to submit some sample tapes and choose the one you consider best. Call him and see if he is available for the date. If the answer is affirmative, present him some of the songs you would like to be sung at the party and don’t forget to add their favorite song or the song of their first dance.

For the gifts category you can easily find some proper choices. The symbol of the wedding anniversary being silver, you can choose to offer a beautiful, engraved, silver frame where the couple can display their picture or one of their family. If you don’t agree with the frame gift, you can select a photo album with an elegant silver engraving on one of the covers. On the first page you can add a little piece of paper with a note expressing your best wishes or your signature.

Planning a 25th wedding anniversary and renewal of vows is a charming and delightful process which will make you relive the moments of your wedding preparations. But at the same time, during this event, you won’t feel the same overwhelming sensations that you had at your wedding because you will be different. More mature, experienced and confident.

This article has tried to ease your work and comfort you during this stressful process of planning your 25th wedding anniversary. At the end of the party you will see that you had nothing to worry about because everything turned out to be just perfect.11

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