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Party Planner Career

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If you want to have a career as party planner you need to be able to use all your creativity in order to turn your clients’ vision into reality. It doesn’t matter if you are put in charge of a wedding, a simple party or a birthday. You still need to give 100 percent and make sure that all the elements that matter for the one who hired you work together. Being an event/wedding planner is also a job that doesn’t necessarily require formal education but if you want to take this job to the...

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Wedding Planning Career

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A career is the course of someone’s professional life. The term itself comes from the French word ‘carriere’, which means road or racecourse. In other words, you cannot have a career for 2-3 years as a web designer, and then a career of software developer for another 3 years, then transform into a profitable businessman; what you have is a job as a web designer, then another job as software developer and then your own business, but your career is represented by all those years...

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Wedding Planner Career

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Do you want to know how to become a wedding planner and what are the career steps that you must take into account? Then pay attention to the next steps provided in this article and follow them exactly, while thinking that you will indeed become the best wedding planner ever. A positive thinking always helps, this is why we strongly recommend to believe in yourself and to not let other people tell you that you are not suitable for this kind of job. Traits of a wedding planner There are indeed...

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Event Planning Careers

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A wedding planning career is a dream job for many of us, only that it comes with several shortcomings, that will be mentioned through this article. First of all, an event planning career can be built only if you know lots of people, who are willing to collaborate with you. This means that you should know venue managers, music bands, decorators, florists, caterers, cake designers and so on. If you don’t know this type of characters, you will probably be out of the business within two weeks...

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Wedding Planner Job Description

posted May 17, 2012 | in career | no comments

Are you interested to know what are the responsibilities of a wedding planner? Do you want to see what it takes to be a wedding planner? In this case, you are where you should be, because in this article, we will discuss the duties and responsibilities of a wedding planner, in other words, the description of the wedding planner job. How does a wedding planner job description look like? You can see for yourself how a job description looks like. There is no mystery in this, for there are so many...

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How To Become Wedding Planner

posted Apr 21, 2012 | in career | no comments

Wedding planners have in general more rewarding careers than other people, because they rely very much on their creativity and come across people during the most happy period of their life. Having said that, the wedding planner job must be the most interesting of them all. Still, it has some disadvantages as well, like for example going up in the middle of the night to discuss with the bride or groom about a potential problem encountered in organizing the wedding, discussing with all sorts of...

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